Fat Goth Poetry

Pain, Sadness, and Cheetos

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Your Skin

He calls to me, hot and ready
He calls to me, glistening with oils
He calls to me, begging to be taken

With the flick of my wrist, it begins
With a roll of my tongue, I caress
With a waddle of my chin, my desire

Slipping, sliding, tasting all
Perfect drumsticks, hear my call
Turkey Skin, in your thrall

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Your tawdry cheapness
Tempts me
Your promises of
Lasting gothic glory
Taunt me

Why do you run
When I need you to stay?
Why do you cling
When I want you to go away?

I long to scrub you
From my wasted flesh
But though I scour
Your death wax residue
Will not be washed clean

Though water proof
Yet not sweat proof
You prove to be
Soap proof

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Muffin Top

My lolly pop
My sugar sweet
My perfect top

So elite.

See me squeeze
See me dance
See my curves

An avalanche.

Buckles straining
Tendons tight
Ribbing shrieking

Goth delight.

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They laughed
I cried
12 alluring traits?
How dare you not RP!

They mocked
I died
72 Ag?
My character is greater.

They ignored
I fled
The next will be better!

Oh why can I not make the character of my dreams?

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True Lover

She calls again
Always promising

She calls again
Giving me what I want

Her siren song
Calls me close

The realization
of my investment

Ashley from Gamestop
My secret lover

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I pray before the altar
my hands spread, my soul bared
the zenith of my desire nears

Twisted bone and roasted flesh
the bitter conquest of my foe
The spoils of my victory

More and more are brought before me
Each presenting their flavors

My tongue is my flail
My teeth are my sword

Thanksgiving is my battlefield

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BigBird Slash

I caressed the fetid feathers covering the supple, rotting flesh of her bosom.

She chittered through her beak softly and slid her obsidian claws into my pants. Moaning with desire, I pressed my milky white skin against her, dislodging the decaying remains of her last meal.

“Oh my angel!” she crooned, her dry tongue flittering out between the yellow cracked beak.

“Rub your skin all over my body!” she croaked.

Soon our passions entwined as I parted her dorsal feathers and found the swamp of her desire.

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Delicious desire,
Taunting me behind glass;
Nothing exists
But you and me,
A tantalizing spiral dance
Past myriad choices.

Dropping to your death,
A journey for unity,
I take up your fallen form,
Covered in that

Shroud removed:
Forever my honey bun.

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You’re such a tease
You dress up nicely
Wrapped in pretty things

You whore
You filthy, greasy whore
sitting, turning
your little strut
your little dance

I hate you
I love you
I want you inside me

Tear away the crisping sleeve
Slide onto my plate
Now it’s just you and me

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Crimson Kreme

The sun sets over a bitter world,
Drawing me out to taste night’s kiss.
Wandering the streets with a purpose,
Cravings drive me,
Pushing toward a neon beacon
Beating like the heart of the city.
I hear it calling to me,
Pulling me on,
Just another Block,
Just around this corner,
Just over this hill.

Shaking with desire,
The crimson visage of the temptress
At last reveals herself to me:
Hot Doughnuts Now.

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